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Helping You Through The Worst Criminal Accusations

Criminal accusations can be overwhelming to deal with. You could be taken to the police station, questioned aggressively by police officers and prosecutors and charged with a crime that could result in fines and jail time. While you are certain that you have rights, knowing and taking advantage of them in these situations is difficult.

I am attorney Olga Yermalenka. From my firm, The Law Office of Olga Yermalenka, PLLC, in Plymouth, Michigan, I am ready to give my clients the criminal defense representation and advocacy they deserve.

Always On Your Side

Regardless of what you are charged with, you are entitled by law to an attorney and representative. I am here to ensure your rights do not get violated, to advocate for you in negotiations and at trial, and do whatever I can to mitigate the consequences that come from the charges.

I represent those who have been charged with state misdemeanors and felonies. I work with each of my clients personally from start to finish. You will always have truthful, realistic expectations about the outcome of your case. I will listen to your concerns, answer your questions, help you understand your unique situation and provide solutions that work best for you.

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With five years of experience and almost 15 years of working directly with attorneys, you can be confident in my representation. Whether you have been charged with drunk driving, domestic violence or any other crime, I am ready to represent you. Schedule a free initial consultation by calling 734-357-8651 or sending an email.

I have offices in both Plymouth, Michigan, and Ypsilanti, Michigan. I represent clients throughout Wayne and Washtenaw counties and the surrounding areas.

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